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Name:The Once-ler
RP journal for the Once-ler.

He's six-foot-four barefoot, couldn't gain weight if he tried. He hates jeans, prefers dress clothes to casual. He has a mess of black hair and a beat up fedora that belonged to his father. Once has freckles, more show up if he's working out in the sun a lot. His eyes range from gray to blue depending on the weather, his choice of outfit, and mood.

The Once-ler is a budding entrepreneur and inventor. He has great ideas---and terrible ideas. He's an all or nothing sort of guy, never looks before he leaps, and is usually puzzled by consequences for his actions.

While he's self-centered and attention seeking in the extreme, he's not as full of himself as he leads you to believe. He's a pleaser, and he wants to please his family above everything else.
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